The Royal Elmount Hotel has been designed to channel both modern, elegant sophistication and the peaceful, natural beauty of the historic town of Elmina.


A Unique and Authentic Elmina Experience Like No Other…


The Royal Elmount Hotel sits atop a hilly range in the heart of the Elmina, providing a bird’s-eye view of the entire surrounding town and its virgin greenery, as well as Elmina’s magnificent coastal line merging with the Atlantic Ocean.

The Hotel’s elevation also provides fresher air and gentle sea breezes during the day, and cooler temperatures to relax guests at night. Our rooms are fitted with world-class amenities to ensure a comfortable stay— you can enjoy a hot, continental breakfast on your private balcony while watching the exotic birds that frequent the hotel grounds every morning, or soak in a luxurious Jacuzzi bath at the end of a long day exploring Elmina.

The Hotel is conveniently proximate to important tourism and commercial hubs: 10-minute drive to the Elmina Castle; 13-minute drive to the University of Cape Coast; 6-minute drive to the beach; 18-minute drive to the famous Kotokuraba Market, etc. Whatever your plans or arrangements are, the Royal Elmount Team is happy to offer any kind of assistance in bringing your plans to reality.

The Hotel’s staff and management personnel are native Elminians who are incredibly proud to welcome all guests from near and far to experience the rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality of the town and its inhabitants.


  • Fully-furnished and stylish bedrooms with world-class amenities and private balconies·
  • Around-the-clock security.
  • Free internet.
  • Room Service (available upon request).
  • Plush Green Lawn for Outdoor Events.

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