July 18, 2023

Feminine Day Care

Nana Kweku Amissah Empowers Junior High School Students with Feminine Care Day

Elmina, [7th July 2023] – Nana Kweku Amissah I, Nguaduhen of Edina Traditional Area, recently organized a highly successful Feminine Care Day for 30 junior high school students aged 14 to 16 from Elmina M.A. School and Hollywood School. The event aimed to raise awareness about the challenges young girls face during their menstrual period and promote hygienic and safe practices.


**Raising Awareness:**
The primary objective of the Feminine Care Day was to create awareness about the physical and emotional experiences young girls go through during their menstrual period. Nana Kweku Amissah sought to break the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation, empowering the students with knowledge and understanding.

**Promoting Hygienic Menstrual Practices:**
The students participated in an informative session conducted by Theodora Asamoah, a resource person, who emphasized the importance of maintaining hygienic menstrual practices. They were educated about the advantages of using menstrual pads over unhygienic alternatives such as rags. The focus was on safeguarding their health and well-being through proper hygiene during menstruation.

Nana Kweku Amissah's Generous Donation of Menstrual Pads, Feminine Day Care, BRAND ELMINA
Resource person Theodora Asamoah interacting with the students

**Encouraging Safe Menstrual Practices:**
In addition to hygiene, the students received education on safe menstrual practices. The session stressed the significance of using and disposing of menstrual products correctly to prevent potential infections and complications. Nana Kweku Amissah aimed to ensure the girls’ long-term health and safety by imparting this knowledge.

**Candid Discussion on Sex Education:**
The day also included a candid discussion on sex education facilitated by Theodora Asamoah. Recognizing the taboo nature of this topic and the lack of communication between children and their parents, this session provided a valuable opportunity for the students to openly express their thoughts and ask questions about sex. It allowed them to seek clarity and guidance in a safe and supportive environment.

**Active Q&A Session:**
The Q&A session turned out to be the most engaging part of the day, with the students actively participating and asking deep and thought-provoking questions about sex. This open discussion on a topic considered taboo allowed the children to address their queries and concerns, fostering a sense of trust and understanding.

**Donation of Menstrual Pads:**
At the end of the event, Nana Kweku Amissah generously provided each student with two packs of menstrual pads. The students expressed overwhelming joy and gratitude, as many revealed their inability to afford these essential items. Some shared stories of resorting to using rags or reusing pads due to financial constraints. Nana Kweku Amissah’s donation not only brought immediate relief but also shed light on the challenges faced by these students.

Nana Kweku Amissah’s Feminine Care Day was a resounding success in raising awareness about menstrual challenges and promoting hygienic and safe practices among junior high school students. The event empowered the students by providing them with valuable knowledge and resources. Nana Kweku Amissah’s commitment to supporting these students was evident through his donation of menstrual pads, and his promise to do more showcased his dedication to their well-being. The event served as a stepping stone towards breaking the silence surrounding menstruation and fostering open discussions on important topics like sex education.