July 10, 2023

Nyansapow Educational Awards

Nana Kweku Amissah I, the Nguadohen of the Edina Traditional Area, recently celebrated eight outstanding students for their remarkable performance in the BECE through the Nyansapow Educational Awards. This award scheme recognizes students who excel in the Basic Education Certificate Examination within the Edina Traditional Area. There was an equal representation of four boys and four girls. This means that one boy and one girl were selected from each of the four education circuits in Edinaman, namely Ayensudo, Essaman, Elmina, and Ntranoa.

The significance of these awards is twofold. Firstly, they aim to inspire and encourage students to excel in their studies, particularly during the crucial Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). By recognizing their efforts and achievements, the awards foster a culture of learning and academic excellence among the student community. Secondly, the awards serve as a means for the community to appreciate the hard work and dedication exhibited by both students and teachers. It acknowledges their perseverance and commitment, especially considering the challenges they face due to the lack of basic resources such as libraries and computer labs.


During his interaction with the students and parents, Nana Kweku Amissah I, drawing from his experience as a teacher at Edinaman Senior High School, expressed his understanding of the difficulties students face when essential resources are scarce. He stated, “I know how it’s like for the students because during my service as a teacher at Edinaman Senior High School, I noticed how the lack of basic things can affect the studies and output of students. That is why I am instituting this award scheme to recognize the efforts put in by both the teachers and the students.”

Nana Kweku Amissah I, Nyansapow Educational Awards, BRAND ELMINA
Nana Kweku Amissah I (front middle) in a group photograph with the award winners and their parents

Additionally, during the awards ceremony, some parents shared their personal challenges in ensuring their children can pursue their education despite their excellent academic performance. One parent highlighted the difficult decision she had to make between her elder son, who was entering his final year in university, and her daughter, who had performed exceptionally well in the BECE and gained admission to her preferred senior high school.


The parent admitted that if it weren’t for the persistence of her son, who advocated for his sister’s education, her daughter would have been unable to continue her studies despite being the top-performing student in her school. This situation serves as just one example among many similar cases faced by parents in the community.


These interactions with parents shed light on the widespread challenges faced by families in supporting their children’s education, even when they demonstrate outstanding academic abilities. It underscores the importance of ongoing efforts to address these barriers and ensure that deserving students are able to access and pursue their education without undue hindrances.


The selection process for the awards was rigorous. The Education Unit of the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) Municipality, in collaboration with Clara Yawson, Assistant Head of Elmina M. A. School, shortlisted the awardees from over a thousand students across the four educational circuits. To ensure gender balance and fair representation, the best performing male and female students were chosen from each circuit.


The impact of these awards on the communities cannot be underestimated. They provide a platform to address the educational challenges faced by students, teachers, the Education Unit, and parents. By highlighting these issues, the awards initiate conversations and actions to improve the overall quality of education in Edinaman. The long-term goal of the awards is to prioritize education in the planning and development of the area.


Looking ahead, the Nyansapow Educational Awards have plans to expand their recognition. Future iterations of the awards will include categories to acknowledge outstanding schools and teachers. Additionally, there are plans to award the best performers in various courses taught at the junior high level, further motivating students to excel in their studies across different subjects.


Through these initiatives, the Nyansapow Educational Awards aim to continue uplifting and promoting education in Edinaman, recognizing the efforts of both students and teachers while addressing the broader issues affecting the educational landscape of the community.