April 1, 2023

Central Expo 23

The Central Region Expo 23, scheduled for August 25 to September 2, 2023, is expected to build on the success of the Central Expo 2022. At the previous Expo, most of the exhibitors were small-scale and medium enterprises who needed nurturing and mentoring in terms of capacity building, financing, business operations, packaging, sales, and marketing to compete favorably in the world market. These businesses are crucial for job creation, income generation, and reduction of unemployment in the region, which is why fairs and exhibitions are essential.
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Komenda-Edina Eguafo Abriem Stand
To build on the momentum of the previous Expo, the Central Region Expo 23 will be under the theme “Sustaining Business Opportunities: Nurturing Small Scale Enterprises in the Central Region.” The event aims to provide a platform for businesses to create linkages, exposures, mentoring, technology transfer, and skills development. The Expo will showcase the diversity and breadth of business activities within the Central Region, from corporate bodies and commercial enterprises to thriving and up-and-coming start-up businesses, and civil society organizations.
To ensure the Expo’s success, organizers are calling on all districts in the Central Region to sponsor at least ten exhibitors each to the regional fair in August. The districts will assist with publicity by using various channels such as social media, flyers, information service vans, local information centers, and radio stations to encourage businesses to participate in the event. This initiative will help provide opportunities for businesses to network, learn, and grow.
The Expo will feature forums and workshops on businesses, entrepreneurship, skills development, and youth unemployment. Private foreign companies in Ghana and all the Trade Attaches from Embassies in Ghana through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be invited to explore potential business partnerships. The Expo is expected to boost small businesses’ growth in the Central Region by providing the necessary exposure, mentoring, and funding. This will enable them to sustain and grow their businesses while addressing youth unemployment in the region.
The event is officially launching on April 26, 2023, and potential partners and sponsors will receive all the benefits due to them. Categories and benefit packages will be put together to provide additional funding and support to sustain the exhibition and its activities. The participation of districts in the sponsorship initiative is crucial to the Expo’s success in promoting sustainable business opportunities in the Central Region. The Central Region Expo 23 promises to be an exciting event for all businesses in the region and beyond.